Purrfect Claw Nails ♥

23 Jun
“Claw Nails” Like these above are all the rage in the wide world of manicures. The Pointed ends give a unique feline touch and young vibe. Although these manicures are fun there a little hard to maintain. Sometimes the edges break or one of the fake nails falls off and sometimes its just not comfortable. We have a simple tutorial on how to do mock claw nails without the struggle of working with fake nails.
As you can see above this manicure requires just nail polish and nail tape, no fake nails.
Step 1:Apply a clear base coat to all nails and let dry
Step 2: Place nail tape on the nails in the shape of the claw on the corners
Step 3: Paint what ever color you want the claw to be on the inside of the tape (more towards your cuticle)
Step 4: Remove the nail tape while the paint is still wet then let dry
Step 5: Apply top coat and let dry

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